Hello World! – again?

Hello World! – this bunch of words regularly used by people who learn how to code. The only purpose of this program is a return the “Hello World!” string in standard output (stdout). The most simple program u can imagine. (More about hello world https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%22Hello,_World!%22_program)

When I first tried C++ and saw the result of this world return in my Windows terminal, it was a magical moment for me because it was my first program. As in programming, I’d like to rewrite my first post on this blog (disclaimer: I abandoned C++ in favor of Python).
After yet another break from consistently blogging on this site, I consider ideas and the direction I should take with content. It’s the major reason I’ve stopped updating this blog—I’m out of content ideas. After that, I realized that there are many programming blogs, but they lack this more personal approach.

This time to prevent this situation I wanna write about more technical subjects but with a touch of personal thought. I work full-time as Software Engineer using Python as my main programming language. That’s why I decided that the content will be based largely on Python. You can expect How to do it sort of programs and explanations. Site hustle ideas that I wanna trying or some kind of loose thoughts about programming, business, productivity, and many more. This blog will serve as a type of chronology of where I am, where I have been, and where I intend to go.

I invite you to follow this blog, I hope that I will be able to convey interesting ideas in an easy and digestible way.

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